Interactive Gemaal

2013, April - 2013, August

– Public installation, Interactive, HvA

This project at mediaLab Amsterdam involved transforming an ugly, postered building in a prominent street corner into an open air exhibition space for student projects. This also includes giving the vicinity an identity of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) campus, taking charge of the community space and intervening to prevent the building and the area around it from being vandalised.

The project is an open air exposition space displaying student projects in the form of posters that are visible to passing pedestrians and vehicular traffic. The project displays have an element of interactivity using interactive "tiles" embedded in the pavement that pedestrians can stand on to "Like" the projects. These likes are recorded and displayed on an LED counter above the project.

I collaborated with Steven Kok on this project. My role involved providing creative input, planning and realising the project. This project saw me doing a wide spectrum of tasks from research to brainstorming, designing to testing, planning to executing, and programming to painting amongst others.

[Sketch courtesy : Thijs Kok ]

References :

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Interactive Gemaal