Robots on Android

2013, February

– Android, Processing, SDK, DIY, robotics

I am working on making it easier to program Android based mobile phones, and in particular, to use mobile phones to control robots.

With a little work, I believe programming and prototyping electronics can be made easily accessible to all, making for a much more interactive, intelligent and "tweakable" world.

Towards this end I am currently building on top of the awesome Ketai Library for Android mode in Processing IDE.

So far, what I have added on top of the Ketai Library :

References :

The Android mode in the Processing IDE makes it quite easy to run visual and interactive applications on Android devices.

The Ketai library for Android mode in Processing makes it easy to use inbuilt features like the Accelerometers, Compass, Gyroscopes, Cameras, NFC amongst other things for these applications.

Github Repository : Andy-Ketai