Making Devices

December 9, 2018

I have had the benefit of getting help and advice from a lot of people and resources, as I went along the journey of converting an idea into a product, the PhonePe POS. I have put together a few things to be taken into consideration as you go from an idea to a prototype to engineering samples to your pre-production builds, and to finally receiving that first lot of mass manufactured products.

More and more startups everywhere are building innovative hardware, and while I have put together my experiences doing this in India, I hope this can be of use to startups outside India as well. The considerations mentioned here deal with sourcing, engineering, logistics, compliance and the interplay of these and other elements.

The document presented here is not a HOW-TO guide, but more like a framework to help you find and weigh opportunities as you race to getting your product out the factory and to market.

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